REU Site: Multi-Physics Of Active Systems And Structures (037326)

Project Status: Current



The project will renew our REU site designed for undergraduate engineering students through an educational and professional enhancement program integrating research activities and group design experience coordinated by faculty members of the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering (CoE). The unified theme fits well with our ongoing research programs in the recently completed Aeropropulsion, Mechatronics and Energy Center, under which faculty will provide the intellectual resources while being supported by technical and administrative staff to carry out proposed program objectives. The overarching goal of the project is to motivate more US students to pursue advanced engineering degrees or enter research-oriented careers. We will leverage on valuable experience learned from the previous years to further improve our already successful REU site. We will recruit qualified US students, especially under-represented minorities, to participate in REU activities to prepare them for advanced degrees and/or professional careers. We will recruit 12 students during each summer based on demographics, academic qualifications and interests that are matched to existing research projects. The students will work on individualized projects and participate in group activities such as seminars, lab/industry tours, outreach, and group design project. Working with colleagues from the College of Education, we will assess the effectiveness of the program by systematically conducting surveys, interviews, and project reviews. Results will be disseminated at educational conferences, in journal articles, and by conducting workshops and distributing newsletters. The site will continue to be a collective effort from a diverse group of engineering faculty engaging topics such as micro air vehicles, multi-modal robots, active flow control, sensors and actuators, smart materials, etc.. The multidisciplinary nature of these projects will engage students in learning cross-cutting technologies through their specific research and group activities. We will devise a group design project with multiple components that incorporate their individual research topics, knowledge and skill sets. It will be organized to facilitate a better understanding of engineering design at the system level while promoting teamwork and collaborative design activities. We will involve all participants in planned activities to promote self-reflection to achieve specific understanding of their experiences leading to a deeper learning.

Research Areas