2021 AFRL Scholars Summer Internship

FCAAP will host 2021 AFRL Scholars for summer internship. The focus of their research will be aerodynamic characterization of a generic missile configuration and aero shaping for drag reduction in the polysonic wind tunnel and various other facilities. The carefully designed specialized training program will prepare students for their professional endeavors.

Andrew Baldwin, defends his Ph.D. thesis

Shockwave boundary layer interactions (SBLI) occur on both internal and external surfaces and adversely affect both the structural and propulsive performance of high-speed flight vehicles operating in the trans/super/hypersonic flow regimes. In the absence of a comprehensive understanding of the flow physics associated with SBLI, the most common approach to mitigating the negative ramifications is structural over-design, often resulting in reduced aero-propulsion efficiencies and excessive cost. The current experimental investigation explored the viscous/inviscid interaction of an incoming supersonic turbulent boundary layer and a single, sharp unswept fin generated shockwave. This kind of SBLI is of keen interest to the high-speed aerodynamics community as the separated flow induces a strong crossflow component, giving rise to a highly 3-D flowfield.

Neda Yaghoobian Receives NSF Award

FCAAP researcher Neda Yaghoobian receives NSF CAREER Award for fire science research. Assistant Professor Neda Yaghoobian is the principal and sole investigator in a new study to explore the effect of the flight behavior and transport of fragments of burning materials, called “firebrands” or flying embers, by turbulent winds. Yaghoobian’s five-year $500,000 grant begins in the spring of 2021.  “By understanding what a flying ember experiences in its flight path through turbulent winds we can predict where it will land and whether the ember can create a spot fire,” Yaghoobian said.