Flow topology of the slanted cylinder afterbody

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In this study, an experimental characterization of the mean flow over a cylinder with an upswept afterbody will be presented. The geometry is representative of the main flow features expected to be observed in upswept aircraft afterbodies. Advanced flow diagnostic techniques, including Particle Image velocimetry (PIV), High Dynamic Range oil flow visualization and mean surface pressure measurements are used to characterize the principal flow structures present in the bluff body wake. The measured flow topology shows that a coherent vortical structure over the slant surface is the dominant feature, similar to a horseshoe vortex. The measurements clearly indicate the transition from the shear flow that forms a separation bubble over the slant surface to the vortical flow in the afterbody wake. A description of the flow structure over this geometry, extracted from 3-component velocity fields and the surface flow measurements, will be presented. The results obtained aid in the understanding of complex fuselage afterbody flows, which is crucial for the development of flow control techniques necessary to improve the performance of the next generation of aircraft.
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2019 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting
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San Diego, CA
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