The Aerospace industry in Florida relies on a highly trained and highly skilled workforce, and the academic institutes of FCAAP are uniquely positioned to dramatically influence this area. FCAAP partner universities award over 60% of the Bachelors degrees and over 80% of the graduate degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace engineering. FCAAP will enhance the education of those already in the workforce, provide better training for future professionals, and reach out to the next generation to build a sustainable workforce for a thriving Aerospace industry in the State.

The goal of positioning the Aerospace industry in Florida at the forefront will involve educational programs at all levels. At the pre-collegiate level we will develop new and enhance existing outreach programs to better inform and attract students to the exciting career possibilities in (aerospace-related) engineering. At the collegiate level, we will collaborate with our In-State industry partners to provide more industry-relevant education to the next generation of Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral students. Our industrial partnerships will also increase the number of job placements within the State fostering a healthier industry & job base. Equally relevant are the enhancements in professional training for the current workforce through a series of professional development courses.

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