Anechoic Wind Tunnel

The FSU Anechoic Wind Tunnel is an open-circuit subsonic facility which has a 36" x 48" x 120" test section with a speed range of approximately 18-75 m/s. The facility employs a 450-hp centrifugal fan and has an anechoic chamber with a 250 Hz cut-on frequency enclosing the test section. The open-jet can be converted into a closed-wall wind tunnel as it has a removable test section with excellent optical access. The facility will be used for aerodynamic and aeroacoustic studies of various flow-induced noise phenomenon and boasts state-of-the-art experimental fluid dynamic and aeroacoustic measurement capabilities.

Closed Walled Configuration


Item Specification
Wind Tunnel Open-circuit, open-jet or dosed walled
Test Section 48" X 36" X 120"
Mach Number Range 0.05-0.22
Anechoic Chamber Low Frequency Cutoff 250 Hz
Background Noise* 80 dBA (M=0.15)
Turbulence Intensity <0.1%
RMS Inlet Flow Nonuniformity <1%

*Currently not fully treated